About CIDE

CIDE is a center for research and higher education that specializes in social sciences in accordance with international quality standards, and is publicly funded. CIDE’s principal objective is to contribute to the country’s development by offering rigorous and relevant knowledge, as well as developing a new generation of leaders that are capable of performing in a creative and responsible manner, in an open and competitive world.

The creation and transmission of knowledge are the Center’s main pillars of  support. Our commitment to a better and more solid understanding of important economic, political and social issues of our times, demands that we open up to the rest of the world.  CIDE’s quest to find intellectual progress is global.  In its role as a public institution within a country that faces endless challenges and shortages, CIDE also counts with a community that is deeply rooted in its commitment to the problems and trials that Mexico continues to face.

Despite the CIDE being a small institution, it possesses a creative internal organization of  enormous quality and strong impact aspirations. All of our full-time staff of research professors count with PhDs  from the most prestigious universities worldwide. Our student body, which consists of approximately 400 students, is outstanding in both its academic achievements and its social and geographic diversity.

Some of the most significant activities carried out by CIDE are: scientific research; meritocratic development of leaders at undergraduate, graduate and PhD levels; and transmission of socially useful skills. All of these activities are offered within the following six academic divisions:

  • Public Administration
  • Economics
  • International Studies
  • Legal Studies
  • Political Studies
  • History

CIDE is an open and pluralistic community that boasts of its status as a public institution, with pride and responsibility. Likewise, it shares the idea that it is possible to combine intellectual discipline, social relevance and a firm commitment, that favors effective equal opportunities.


ENG La misión del CIDE consiste en enriquecer el acervo de capital intelectual y humano del país en núcleos clave de las ciencias sociales a través de:

  1. Investigación que contribuya al avance del conocimiento científico.
  2. Programas de licenciatura y posgrado de alta calidad para la formación de profesionales capaces de asumir posiciones directivas o de hacer la diferencia en el ámbito académico, sustentados en el arduo trabajo y la evaluación constante.
  3. Generación de conocimiento socialmente pertinente que auxilie en la toma de decisiones en temas clave de la agenda pública.

ENG La visión del CIDE es ser un centro público de alto rendimiento en los temas de ciencias sociales aplicadas en México, con apego a los valores de la institución (independencia y honestidad intelectual; respeto a la pluralidad; equidad; equilibrio entre rigor científico y relevancia social; responsabilidad individual y social; ética pública; transparencia y objetividad), ofreciendo a sus distintos usuarios (estudiantes, investigadores, tomadores de decisión y opinión pública) programas académicos y de educación continua de excelencia, publicaciones científicas de calidad en distintas disciplinas de las ciencias sociales e investigaciones aplicadas que transfieran conocimiento.