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What is the Office of International Academic Affairs (OAAI)?

The Office of International Academic Affairs (OAAI) understands that internationalization- in terms of both academic cooperation and student exchange programs- abides by CIDE’s mission and projects it as a research center and a prestigious institution of higher level education that is on the cutting edge in the field of social sciences.

As an ”academic-administrative” unit that depends on the CIDE’s General Faculty Coordinator, the OAAI works with students, professors-researchers, and each academic division, to promote and encourage agreements of academic cooperation and student exchanges that adhere to the spirit of the institution and to better practices.

Services and processes pertaining to the OAAI are described in this section, as well as information addressed to: international students who are considering CIDE as part of an exchange program, CIDE students who are interested in studying abroad, and professors-researchers who require information for the development/ implementation of action plans that will improve international academic cooperation.


Federico Cortés Cortés

Denisse Barragán Sánchez
Coordinator of Mobility

Jazmin Velázquez Martínez
Administrative Asisstant
Tel. (52) 55 5727 9800 ext. 2833